About KLTD

  • Pamela Turman began dancing at the age of four, where she understood the love a preschooler could have for dance. She went on to a career teaching and performing at Fishback Studio for fifteen years. With a life long commitment to teaching dance and being a dancer herself, she aspired to share the joy of movement with children throughout Albuquerque.

    In 1985 she began Kids Love to Dance after realizing that so many children missed out on dance and gymnastics because there were no convenient and credible arts in the schools programs. Additionally, she wanted a movement program that is as much fun for boys as it is for girls!  

    Over the last 30 years, she has diligently worked to perfect the curriculum to be challenging, age appropriate, and downright fun for all preschoolers. She is well connected in the dance community and with a high standard and vast network, she has groomed an unbeatable staff of qualified and caring teachers.

    With a stellar curriculum of dance, gymnastics, song, rhythm, flexibility and strength building, she now has the most reputable and progressive program in the preschools.

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